Deondre is spending the night on my couch and I’m laying in the dark smoking a bowl trying to figure out how I can use my hitachi without him hearing me, no shade but I was set on getting stoned and masturbating all night.

An ode to xanax joint

Estranged cousin of klonopin blunt
yields dusty brown clouds of smoke
And the lingering scent of chemical air
You make me feel (nothing)
You make me dance
You filled the void
And now I feel the void
Heart racing
Eyes twitching
Hands aching
Don’t leave me this way

"I love you", I whispered into my baby food jar full of weed

the only reply was the idea of an echo

because the sentiment was directed towards the hash

This is a video of me during the last few minutes of my Friday the 13th. I smoked a bowl while watching John and Kate Plus 8 while there was a rain storm outside. Previously I had copped from my dealer on my front porch. As I smoked a cig with him and talked about school, the neighborhood drunk overheard and joined our conversation. Basically he told us that psychology, sociology and all “social sciences” ¬†were bull shit and that we should be creative and become artists. He then informed us that we should drop out of school and fuck up the system. This event actually occurred. Also he is really creepy looking but I’m far too stoned to describe what he looked like. Now I’m still watching John and Kate Plus 8 and eating this super spicy BLT I made at work. The dog is really scared.

Hitting that bowlva hard

but really, don’t get your kitties/puppies/cuties high, it’s fucking cruel

I’ve smoked an unholy amount of weed in the last 24 hours and I still haven’t gone to sleep :(

Celia and I are sitting on the porch stoned watching TED conference videos and laughing at nerds laughing at adorable nerd jokes